Bucket Bread 2.0

Based on some comments on the last Bucket Bread post, I tried a new recipe.  Or an old recipe. Whatever the case is, I used the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day basic recipe.  I can’t find my cookbook, so I had to get it online.  I really hope that book is in one of my boxes in the…

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Slight Change of Plans

I intended to do a finished sweater post on the bohus turtleneck today, but that didn’t really work out.  I finished the sweater Friday night – one day earlier than excepted.  I had about a million ends to weave in and deal with.  I hate weaving in ends on colorwork.  It sucks. I got it done early enough that I…

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Content Calendar

I love a good plan.  Planning makes the world go round.  I started using a paper planner last year and love it.  I do better when I can see things.  And I remember things better if I write them down.  For example, I may not remember what appointment I have on Monday morning, but I remember that I have something.  In…

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